What Now is a song on Just Dance Disco. It is sung by female singer Rihanna.


The dancer is female. She is wearing a black dress with 3 gems on it (Ruby, Diamond and Sapphire). Her hair is black and is in a ponytail. The dancer's dress is short and she wears red long boots.

Gold MovesEdit

1: Raise your arms into the air along with your leg. This is done when "I just wanna scream" is heard.

2: This is the last move. You have to jump up into the air and punch the sky.


The background is a blank white room. In the chorus, black effects appear on the wall. At one part, the room turns grey.


  • This is the seventh Rihanna song in the series. the first being S.O.S from Just Dance 2, the second being Pon de Replay as a DLC on Just Dance 2, the third being Only Girl (In The World) from Just Dance 3, the fourth being Disturbia from Just Dance 4, the fifth being Umbrella also from Just Dance 4 and the sixth being Where Have You Been from Just Dance 2014.