Team is a song by Lorde. It is on Just Dance 2015.


As the song plays, the background changes and it takes the dancer all over the world. They have a pool party in California, a camp in the mountains, a fashion show in New York, and a school dance obviously in America.


There are certain outfits for certain backgrounds. First, the outfit is light blue shorts. She has a dark blue crop top. She has black heels. In the second background, she has on a black thin jacket, a light yellow tube top, tight pants, and white boots. For the third one, she has on a dress that looks like the dress from Disturbia but no spikes. She has short boots and heels on the bottom. Last, she has on the same outfit of the third.

Gold MovesEdit

1st-2nd: Look away and and hold your elbow with your left arm.

3rd: Put your right arm in the air with your left arm on your hip.


1st-2nd: High-five the person next to you.

3rd: Stick your hands up in the air until the dancers disappear.


Team has an alternate version. It is a dance crew. They have a dance crew with a dancer that represents one sport. The first is a basketball player that is a boy, a softball player that is a girl, a football player that is a boy, and a cheerleader that is a girl. They have the same logos on their outfit that makes them look like a "team".