This is from Regular Show from the Episode its a Summertime


P1 - Rigby

P2 - Skips

P3 - Mordecai

P4 - Casette with Red Sunglasses with black things

Mash UpEdit

Summertime Lovin (Extreme Version/Solo) (JD2015)

Where Have you Been (Extreme Version/Solo) (JD2014)

The Love Boat (JD2014)

Baby Girl (JD2)

Rich Girl (JD2014)

Wild Wild West (Extreme Version/Solo) (JD4)

Fine China (JD2014)

Disco Ball Head Dancer (JDN/A)

Limbo (Sweat Version/Solo) (JD2014)

Equestria Girls (Sweat Version/Solo) (JD2015)

Forget You (JD3)

Superstitious (JD4)

Troublemaker (JD2014)


P1 - Benson


This Song gonna battle with Equestria Girls Rigby gonna battle with Rainbow Dash


Theyre are in the Dinner Room at the Park House then the other time theyre at the Coffee Shop and the other time theyre at the park

Gold MovesEdit

  • When All dancers doing the action like Oooooooooooooooo
  • When they doing hands up in a row


  • They Decided Equestria Girls gonna Battle with This Show
  • The Mash Up you must Unlock it in Uplay expect in Wii and XBox 360/One