Some attributes
First Song by Lerika
Second Released in 2012
Third The bilingual version is on Tol'ko Tanets Xbox; the full English version is a DLC for Just Dance Kids 2015
Other attributes
Fourth Picto Color(s):
Turquoise (TT Xbox)
Light Blue (JDK2015)
Fifth Glove Color(s):
Red (TT Xbox)
White (JDK2015)
Sixth Lyric Color(s):
Red (TT Xbox)
Pink (JDK2015)

"Sensation" is a hit song by Moldovan-Russian singer Lerika. It's on Tol'ko Tanets Xbox. The full English version is covered by studio female singers in Just Dance Kids 2015.


TT XboxEdit

It's a female teenager with brown wavy hair and wears all these:

  • Turquoise peplum tank top and gold belt.
  • Icy blue fish-scale-like skirt.
  • Glittery light blue sneakers.
  • Her glove is red.


The lead dancer is a girl with blonde hair in a side braid and wears a gold loose top, white tutu and gold sneakers.

The backup dancers are dressed like her, but their outfits are fully black.


TT XboxEdit

A dark room with giant blue-and-white speakers.


They're at a disco, with zillions upon zillions of colored lights surrounding the place.

Gold MovesEdit

TT XboxEdit

This routine has two (2) gold moves. Both of them are different

1st: Throw your arm out while kicking. This comes during the English chorus.

2nd: Jump with your right arm up. It's the last move.


There are three (3) gold moves. Two (2) of them are the same.

1st & 2nd: Open your arms.

3rd: Put your right arm up. It's the last move.


  • This is the third Lerika song in the series. The other two are Lyubov and Serdtse znaet.
  • Tol'ko Tanets Xbox uses the bilingual version, with the last chorus in English.