Put Your Hearts Up
Some attributes
First Song by Ariana Grande
Second Released in 2011
Third Appears in Just Dance Teens and Just Dance: Serious but Fun (as a DLC)
Other attributes
Fourth Picto Color(s): Pink (SbF); Indigo (Teens)
Fifth Glove Color(s): Light Blue (SbF); Orange (Teens)
Sixth Lyric Color(s): Purple (SbF); White (Teens)

"Put Your Hearts Up" is a song by Ariana Grande. It's on Just Dance Teens and is also a DLC for Just Dance: Serious but Fun.


Serious but FunEdit

  • Dark pink curly hair.
  • Smokey gray (almost white) T-shirt with pink lips on it that say "kiss" on the top.
  • Pink jeans.
  • Green open-toe heals.
  • Her glove is blue.

JD TeensEdit

She wears all these:

  • Strawberry-blonde hair in an Irish braid.
  • Pinkish-purple dress similar to a forget-me-not flower.
  • Pinkish-beige 2-inch peep-toes.
  • Gold bracelet with pink heart.


Serious but FunEdit

It is filled with hearts. When the chorus comes, the background changes to sparkly stars.

JD TeensEdit

It's a street in a colorful city. When the chorus comes, hearts and bubbles start surrounding the dancer.

Gold MovesEdit

Serious but FunEdit

There are three (3) gold moves in this routine, all of them being the same.

All: Form a heart with your both of your hands.

JD TeensEdit

The JD Teens routine has four (4) gold moves. Three (3) of them are the same.

1st, 2nd, & 3rd: Use your "heart hands".

4th: Lower your hands forcefully. It's the last move.


  • The background in Just Dance Teens closely resembles the music video.
  • This song could've been a DLC for Just Dance 4.
  • This song was confirmed for JD Teens on June 30, 2014 (4 days after Ariana Grande turned 21).