Some attributes
First Song by Selena Gomez.
Second Released in 2010.
Third Appears in Just Dance: Spring Party and Just Dance Teens
Other attributes
Fourth Picto Color(s): Red (JD Spring Party)
Indigo (JD Teens)
Fifth Glove Color(s): Pink (JD Spring Party)
Sixth Lyric Color(s): Yellow

"Naturally" is a song by Selena Gomez, coming from her album Kiss & Tell. It's on Just Dance: Spring Party and Just Dance Teens, but will also be a DLC for Just Dance 7.


JD Spring Party


A female teenager with wavy dark hair and wears all these:

  • White tank top w/ black-and-red diamond patterns.
  • Black-and-white tutu skirt w/ red borders.
  • Red tights.
  • Black heels.
  • Her glove is pink.

Just Dance Teens

This is what she wears:

  • Light brown hair in a braid.
  • Purple cocktail dress w/ pink straps.
  • Pink-and-gold bangle bracelets.
  • Purple wedges.


JD Spring Party

It's supposed to resemble the black/red/white scenery from the music video. At various times, multiples of the girl appear. This is mostly during the chorus.

JD Teens

Akin to the pink/silver background from the music video.

Gold Moves

JD Spring Party

There are four (4) gold moves in this routine. Two (2) of them are the same.

1st & 3rd: A right-arm punch to the side.

2nd: Pull your arms to the left.

4th: Punch both fists downwards.

JD Teens

There are four (4) gold moves in JD Teens' choreography for this song. Three (3) of them are the same.

1st, 2nd, & 3rd: Make a quick circle in the air, just like in S.O.S from Just Dance 2.

4th: Point to the screen.


  • "Naturally" was originally planned to be a DLC on Just Dance 4. However, it got leaked the last minute.
  • Sadly, the background in JD Spring Party can cause epilepsy. Be careful!
  • The Just Dance team suffered an error in JD Spring Party - once the fourth gold move is finished, the "gold frame" appears a bit late.
  • The dancer for this song in JD Teens is the same dancer as It's My Life.