Mind Is Blown
Some attributes
First Song by MainStreet
Second Released in 2013
Third Appears in Just Dance: Spring Party
Other attributes
Fourth Picto Color(s): Dark Pink
Fifth Glove Color(s): Light Blue
Sixth Lyric Color(s): Purple

"Mind Is Blown" is a 2013 song by Dutch boy band MainStreet, coming from their album Breaking the Rules. It's on Just Dance: Spring Party.


The dancer is a female teenager with blonde wavy hair, and wears all these:

  • Black bolero.
  • Dark pink tank top reading the song's title in gold letters.
  • Grey pleated skirt and black belt.
  • Black sneakers w/ pink laces.
  • Her glove is pale blue.


It looks like the outside of a school building, with gray banners and dark pink windows. There's also random female silhouettes performing various actions.

Gold MovesEdit

There are two (2) gold moves in this routine. Both of them are different.

1st: Throw your arm out as if you're tossing something in the trash.

2nd: Jump and clap at the same time.


  • This is the second MainStreet song in the series. The first one is My Main Girl.
  • The dancer looks like a schoolgirl.
  • An error occurred at around 2:04; the pictogram is reversed.
  • why oh why could made a cameo in the billboard sign