Just Dance 2024 is a game. It will be coming out October 2023. One song has been confirmed and two battle modes have been confirmed.


britney spears - Work B**ch 2013 new song

katy perry- part of me 2012 dlc last song

katy perry - hot n cold 2008 last song

Some Nights(Duet, B+G), Icarly leave it all to me

Battle ModesEdit

Song Artist Dancer(s)
Work B**ch vs. Angry Birds Bad Piggies Elite Slingshot Strike Force Theme  (from The Angry Birds 3: Elite's Revenge) (Clean version) Britney Spears Vs. Elite (from The Angry Birds) G/B (Elite)
Red's Theme (from The Angry Birds 3: Elite's Revenge) vs. Bulletproof Brian Tyler vs. La Roux B(Red)/G