Go Time
Some attributes
First Song by Jackie Evancho.
Second Released in 2014.
Third Appears on Just Dance: Serious but Fun (so far).
Other attributes
Fourth Picto Color(s): Orange (P1), Jade Green (P2), Light Pink (P3), Purple (P4)
Fifth Glove Color(s): Blue (P1), Purple (P2), Yellow (P3), Red (P4)
Sixth Lyric Color(s): Red

"Go Time" by Jackie Evancho is featured on Just Dance: Serious but Fun.


All four of them are returning dancers, just like in "YMCA" (Just Dance 2014) and "We Got It Going On" (Just Dance: Serious but Fun).

Girl #1Edit

Go time P1

She originally came from "Mr. Saxobeat" (Just Dance 4), however, she now has a different color palette.

  • Brown hair, which remains in a high ponytail.
  • Her dress is now goldfish orange, and has red palm trees.
  • Her sunglasses are now red, however, they still remain heart-shaped.
  • Her wedges are now red and orange.
  • She now has a blue glove.

Girl #2Edit

She originally came from "Proud Mary" (Just Dance 2). She also has a different color palette.

  • Her hair is now light brown.
  • Purple earrings.
  • Jade green fringe dress.
  • Purple heels.
  • Her glove is also purple.

Girl #3Edit

She originally came from "TiK ToK" (Just Dance 2). Her color palette is also different.

  • Pinkish-red hair.
  • The "diamond" make-up on her eye is now gold.
  • Orange undershirt.
  • Light pink shirt w/ cuts.
  • Yellow glove.
  • Pinkish-red, short-shorts (called daisy dookes).
  • White-and-orange tights.
  • Yellow socks.
  • Pink-and-orange sneakers.

Girl #4Edit

She originally came from "Barbra Streisand" (Just Dance 3). Her color palette is also different.

  • Brown hair w/ purple streak.
  • Her shirt is now pink.
  • Her tie is now white and orange.
  • Her vest and shorts are now metallic purple.
  • Lime green tights.
  • Pink heeled sandals.
  • Her glove is red.


The background is suggested to be the inside of a starship, similar to Love Machine from Just Dance Wii U.

Gold MovesEdit

There are 10 gold moves for this song.

1st & 2nd: This is the "wave gold move," meaning that it's done one at a time. Each girl pushes the other. This is similar to...

  • You're the First, the Last, My Everything (Just Dance 4)
  • Love Machine (Just Dance Wii U)

3rd, 6th, & 8th: They point to their left with both hands.

4th, 7th, & 9th: The third girl does a "peace sign" over her eye.

5th: The first girl uses her "electric hands" (similar to P3 in Best Song Ever from Just Dance 2015).

10th: P1, put your hands under your chin (similar to Starships from JD2014); P2, blow a kiss; P3, cross your arms (similar to Let It Go from JD2015 and Lollipop from JD3); P4, do the "thinking" pose (similar to Shake it Off from Just Dance All Overskilled).


  • This is the only Jackie Evancho song in the whole series.
    • This is because Jackie's usually a classical crossover singer, meaning that she'll never appear in the series again.
  • This song, along with I pio omorfi mera And Bye Bye Bye, now takes over in breaking the record for most gold moves in one dance, holding an overwhelming amount of 10.
    • Before that were Proud Mary (Just Dance 2) and Ninja Re Bang Bang (Just Dance Wii U), having 9 gold moves each, and Iko Iko and I'm Blue (da ba dee), having 8 gold moves each.