Some attributes
First Song by Owl City
Second Released in 2009
Third Appears in Just Dance: Spring Party
Other attributes
Fourth Picto Color(s): Hot Pink (Classic); Navy Blue (Sweat)
Fifth Glove Color(s): Egg Yellow (Classic); Orange (Sweat)
Sixth Lyric Color(s): Purple (Classic); Yellow (Sweat); Red (Mash-Up)

"Fireflies" is a 2009 song by Owl City, coming from their album Ocean Eyes. A cover of it was in Just Dance Kids 2014, though the actual song makes its main series debut on Just Dance: Spring Party.



The classic dancer looks like a space princess. This is what she wears:

  • Pink hair (possibly a wig).
  • Strange, pink-and-silver "space-like" tiara/crown.
  • Pink-and-silver space dress.
  • Silver go go boots (those boots were popular in the 60's).
  • Her glove is yellow.


The sweat dancer is a male teenager (possibly 16 or 17). This is what he wears:

  • Dark hair that resembles Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day.
  • Dark blue hoodie w/ the number 7 in gold.
    • The hoodie also has parts in yellow, green, and red.
  • Black, baggy jeans.
  • Blue sneakers.
  • His glove is orange.



It's supposed to be the inside of a spaceship.


The usual sweat background, duh! This time, it's navy blue.

Gold MovesEdit


The classic choreography has six (6) gold moves. Three (3) of them are the same.

1st, 3rd, & 5th: She looks right and puts her hand on her forehead, just like in Super Bass from Just Dance 4.

2nd: She "shoots" at the screen.

4th: She spins to her right, like in Proud Mary from Just Dance 2.

6th: She puts one arm up and crosses her legs. It's the last move.




  • Fireflies could've been a DLC for Just Dance 2014. However, it was replaced with One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks).
  • Many people think that the classic dancer's face resembles Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez.
  • Unfortunately, the Just Dance team has witnessed a pictogram error in the classic mode, at 2:04. That pictogram was orange when it was supposed to be magenta.
  • The classic routine is very similar to the following:


Owl City - Fireflies

Owl City - Fireflies

Music Video