There must be more Alternative Routines So Add a Song from Just Dance 2014 put it on Alternate or Sweat or Extreme or On Stage or On 6 Player Modes or Battles


Please do not delete songs. Please add if you'd like to!

Song Mode Difficulty Dancers
C'mon Elderly Version/Dance Crew Medium B(Old Man)/G(Old Woman)B(More Old Man)/G(More Old Woman)
Miss Understood Flash Mob/Dance Crew Hard G(Dancer from Miss Understood)/G(Dancer from Some Catchin' Up To Do)/G(Dancer from Hot n' Cold)/G(Dancer from Tik Tok)


Song Difficulty Dancers
Prince Ali Easy G
The Other Side Medium G(Unknown Girl From the background of Blurred Lines)


Theyre all Hardest so Please dont put a column of Difficulty

Song Dancers
The Love Boat B(Captain)
Moskau B
She Wolf (Falling to Pieces) G(Yeti)
Get Lucky B (Cat Head with an Green T-Shirt and a blue short pants and a New Balance Shoes On

6 Player ModeEdit

Comming Soon! Read at the Extreme what u must do if u want

On StageEdit

Song Dancers Difficulty
Fine China B/B/G Medium
Rich Girl B/G/B Hard


Put Here your own Battle Please dont Change Some Battles like Troublemaker VS The Love boat = Troublemaker VS Danse that is Really


Song VS Song Artist VS Artist Dancers VS Dancers Ending
Troublemaker VS The Love Boat Frankie Bostella VS Olly Murs B VS B Troublemaker gonna do like if he plays rock guitar so love boat flew Away and Love Boat gonna Dancing Faster and Faster and Troublemaker gets Crazy and Runs Away
Blurred Lines VS Moskau Robin Thicke ft. Pharrel Williams VS Dancing Bros  B VS G

Blurred Lines gonna do like the end of Kiss You wins of Kiss you vs Pound the alarm to the girl of Moskau

Moskau is poking Blurred Lines Away

Prince Ali VS Blame it on the Boogie Cast of Aladdin VS Mick Jackson B (Aladdin) VS B (Dad) Comming Soon!
YMCA VS The Other Side(NTSC Exclusive, PAL download) The Village People VS Jason Deluro B (Viva Las Vegas) VS B Comming Soon!
Its You VS Isidora Duck Sauce VS Bog Bog Orkerstar B VS B Comming Soon!
Limbo VS Get Lucky Daddy Yankee VS Daft Punk ft. Pharrel Williams B VS B Comming Soon!
Ghostbusters VS I Will Survive Ray Parker Jr VS Gloria Gaynor B VS G Comming Soon!