This is from The Show Called My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic. It is featured on Just Dance 2015.


P1 - Twilight Sparkle

P2 - Fluttershy

P3 - Rarity

P4 - Applejack

Gold MovesEdit

  • When Rarity turning hands to right and left and the left then right legs go up
  • When Applejack putting Her Hat good
  • When Twilight Sparkle is holding her horn
  • When Fluttershy is putting her hands to the shoulders and the left leg is doing like Rasputin/YMCA and Moskau and Troublemaker Sweat

Mash UpEdit

Equestria Girls (Sweat Version/Solo) (JD2015)

Equestria Girls (Extreme Version/Solo) (JD2015)

Rasputin (JD2)

'California Gurls' (JD3)

Summertime Lovin (Extreme Version/Solo) (JD2015)

Disco Ball Head Dancer (JD2014)

Viva Las Vegas (JD2)

We No Speak Americano (JD4)

Barbara Streidant (Extreme Version/Solo) (JD3)

Cant Take My Eyes of You (Alternate Version/Solo) (JD4)

I Kissed A Girl (JD2014)

'I Like To Move it' (JD)


P1 - Pinkie Pie

6-Player Mode XOC VersionEdit

P1 - Twilight Sparkle

P2 - Fluttershy

P3 - Rainbow Dash

P4 - Rarity

P5 - Applejack

P6 - Pinkie Pie


P1 - Flash Sentry However Not a Pony so People cant dance like ponies so hes an Equestria

On Stage ModeEdit

P2 - Fluttershy

P1 - Twilight Sparkle

P3 - Rainbow Dash


Equestria Girls On Stage Gonna battle with Summertime Lovin Rainbow dash Vs. Rigby


  • This is From a TV show Special Equestria Girls