Don't Tell Me Why You're Leaving
Some attributes
First Song by Steve Perry
Second Released in 1984
Third Appears on Just Dance: Serious but Fun
Other attributes
Fourth Pictogram colors are black for P1, and turquoise for P2 (classic mode); red (sweat).
Fifth Glove colors are yellow for P1, and hot pink for P2 (classic); blue (sweat).
Sixth Lyrics are highlighted in purple (classic); turquoise (sweat).

Don't Tell Me Why You're Leaving is a song by Steve Perry. It's in Just Dance: Serious but Fun.




  • Orange pageboy-like hair.
  • Black button-up shirt(short sleeves).
  • Turquoise blazer.
  • Beige pants.
  • Brown penny loafers.
  • Hot pink fingerless glove.


  • Long, straight, glossy pink hair
  • Simple LBD (little black dress)
  • She is going barefoot
  • Yellow glove

Sweat ModeEdit

There is also a sweat mode for the song. This is what the sweat dancer wears:

  • Brown hair in a ponytail.
  • Red cheerleader dress w/ gold-and-turquoise decorations.
  • Red socks w/ gold and turquoise stripes.
  • Gold sneakers.
  • Blue pompom (her glove, duh!)



The background is a four-sided cube (recycled from On the Floor in Just Dance 4) with graffiti-like LED screens.


The usual sweat backdrop, duh! This time, it's red.

Gold MovesEdit

There are four Gold Moves in the classic mode. Three of them are the same.

1st, 2nd, and 4th - The boy catches the girl (Similar to Candy on Just Dance 2014).

3rd - Both dancers quickly slide their arms down.

Sweat ModeEdit

There are two Gold Moves in the sweat version. They're both the same.

Both - Put your arm in the air and bend your leg (same as Baby One More Time on Just Dance 3).


  • This is the second Steve Perry song in the series.
  • Very strangely, a large chunk of lyrics, "watch your mouth, girl" is censored. This got many people confused.
  • The classic background has nothing to do with the song.
  • The sweat dancer was originally P1 in Baby One More Time (Just Dance 3), but with a few changes.