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Dark Horse is a song on Just Dance Party 2015 and Lose Yourself to Dance by Katy Perry ft. Juicy J.

Dark Horse
Some attributes
First Sung by Katy Perry & Juicy J
Second Appears in 2 games
Third This is the first song in LYTD that appeared in 2 games
Other attributes


JDP15: The dancer closely resembles Katy Perry in the Dark Horse music video. She wears a multi-colored headdress, that hides most of her dark black hair. She also wears a long golden Egyptian-styled gown. During Juicy J's part, the headdress turns blue, and her gown turns purple. The dancer wears a black glove that turn white on Juicy J's part.


JDP15: For most of the song the background is an Egyptian pyramid. During Juicy J's part, the pyramid turns blue.

Lose Yourself to Dance VersionEdit

Dancers Edit

P1 (Girl) is a horse rider.

P2 (Boy) is a horse. In Juicy J's part, He's a rapper called "MC Horsie".

Background Edit

A horse riding tournament. In Juicy J's part, This is a rap show.

Alternates Edit

Workout Edit


A workout trainer


The background of the sweat routines of JD2014

MC Horsie Edit

Dance as MC Horsie in his rap show!

Gold moves Edit


All: Cross your arms


All: Punch the air

MC Horsie:

GM#1: Rip out your heart


  • In LYTD the song is sopposed to be in The Ubran Remix.

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