Danger Zone
Some attributes
First Song by Kenny Loggins
Second released in 1986
Third Appears on Just Dance: Serious but Fun and Just Dance: Songs from the Silver Screen
Other attributes
Fourth Picto Color(s):
Blue/Red (Classic)
Hot pink (Sweat)
Fifth Glove Color(s):
Yellow/Peach (Classic)
Green (Sweat)
Sixth Lyric Color(s):
Orange (Classic)
Light blue (Sweat)

Danger Zone is a song by Kenny Loggins. It's on Just Dance: Serious but Fun and Just Dance: Songs from the Silver Screen.

Dancers' AppearanceEdit



The first dancer is a young man with these features:

  • Shaved hair (similar to Ginuwine).
  • Blue beach shorts.
  • Brown sandals.
  • Yellow glove.


Danger Zone
  • Caramel-colored hair.
  • Red sunglasses.
  • Light turquoise bikini top.
  • Red swim shorts w/ white floral print.
  • Gold-and-aqua wedges,
  • Peach glove.


The sweat dancer is female and wears a very athletic outfit:

  • Blonde hair in two pigtails.
  • Pink sunglasses.
  • Pink-and-orange striped T-shirt w/ red palm trees.
  • Orangy-gold terry short shorts.
  • Pink-and-yellow high top sneakers.
  • Jade green glove.



The dancer is on a flat surface on the rocks. In the back, you can see a sign that reads "DANGER" in red letters. During the chorus, the letters in "DANGER" flash in time to the song.


The usual sweat background, duh!

Gold MovesEdit


There are three gold moves. They're all the same.

All - Hold your arms up as if you were to get shot by a cop, and move your hips in a clockwise motion.


There's only one gold move in the sweat version.

Swing your arms towards your forehead.


  • This is the second Kenny Loggins song in the series.
  • It should've been a DLC for Just Dance 4 or 5.
  • The sweat dancer is the same as the first backup dancer from the on-stage mode in We Are One.
  • The song is in a battle with "Hit Me With You Best Shot" in JD Serious but Fun." Click here for the battle.