Choco Factory
Some attributes
First Song by Monica Avanesyan
Second Released in 2013
Third Appears on Just Dance Wii Armenia
Other attributes
Fourth Picto Color(s): Yellow
Fifth Glove Color(s): Light Pink
Sixth Lyric Color(s): Light Blue

Choco Factory is a song by Armenian teen singer Monica Avanesyan. The song will be on Just Dance Wii Armenia.


The dancer is a female teenager and wears the following:

Choco Factory
  • Curly black hair parted to the side (correct me if I'm wrong).
  • Small detailed hat.
  • White short-sleeved blouse w/ big, brown-and-yellow bow.
  • Yellow waist gaucho shorts w/ brown sash.
  • Brown-and-yellow wedges.
  • Light pink glove.


The background is a happy land filled with chocolate.

Gold MovesEdit

There are three Gold Moves. Two of them are the the same.

1st & 2nd - Put your arms out forcefully, akin to Mr. Saxobeat from Just Dance 4.

3rd: Move your arm across your face, similar to Feels So Right from Just Dance 2014 (it's the last move).


  • The song is mostly in Armenian, but has several lines in English, meaning that it's a bilingual song.
  • This song represented Armenia at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2013 in Kiev, Ukraine.
  • The background was recycled from Lollipop on Just Dance 3.
  • The routine appears to be similar to a cross between Love You Like a Love Song (Just Dance 4) and Feel This Moment (Just Dance 2014).
  • There is a pictogram error at 1:35.  The pictogram is reversed at that mark.
  • The difficulty's supposed to be easy, as it contains mostly simple choreography.
  • Even though the dancer's hair is permed to her right, the avatar has it permed on the left.
  • The background is slightly similar to the live performance.


Chocolate queen

Choco Factory