Bomba by King Africa is on Just Dance 2016.


Like YMCA (Just Dance 2014), they are returning dancers, but with a few changes.


The first dancer was originally P4 in Macarena (Just Dance 2015). Here are her changes:

  • Her marble swirl long-sleeved crop top is now yellow and blue
  • Her shorts are now candy pink with silver chains
  • Her sneakers are now dark red
  • Her socks are now dark blue
  • Her hair is now blonde
  • She retains her black glasses
  • Her glove is now turquoise


The second dancer was originally from I Love It (Just Dance 2015). Here are her changes:

  • Her tied up hair is now blonde
  • Her loose crop top is now gold with a green eye on it
  • Her fluffy shorts are now red
  • Her thigh high socks are now sky blue
  • She retains her black glasses and green garters
  • Her glove is now silver


The third dancer was originally from Follow The Leader (Just Dance 2014). Here are her changes:

  • Her crop top is now dark green
  • Her denim shorts are now denim blue
  • Her heeled boots are now purple
  • Her beret is now silver
  • Her hair is now black
  • She retains her blue glove


The fourth dancer was originally from Walk This Way (Old School Version) (Just Dance 2015). Here are her changes:

  • Her cap is now blue
  • She retains her glasses and shirt
  • Her jeans are now denim blue
  • Her bangles and necklace are now sliver
  • Her hair is now pure chocolate brown
  • Her sneakers are now blue
  • Her glove is now green


The background is recycled from Spice Up Your Life, but this time, photos of the dancers with the dancers from the past games.

The pictures shown are:

  • The dancers hugging the dancer from Good Feeling
  • The dancers hugging the dancers from Walk This Way (P1 hugs P4, P3 hugs P2, P2 hugs P1, P4 hugs P3)
  • P1 hugs the Moves Like Jagger C4
  • P3 holding hands with the dancer from Just Dance
  • P4 and the dancer from Wannabe are doing peace signs with their hands
  • P3 falls into U Can't Touch This's arms
  • P2 makes out with P1 from C'Mon
  • P1 rides a horse with P2 of Timber

Gold MovesEdit

Gold Move 1: This is a wave move.  Starting on the right push on the player to your right (similar to You're The First, The Last, My Everything). P1 sort of stumbles.

Gold Move 2: They put their hands on their heads.

Gold Move 3: They raise their arms.


Theme: Ladies Only


  • Problem (JD2015)
  • Lollipop (JD3)
  • Papaoutai -African Dance- (JD2015)
  • I Love It-(JD2015)
  • Follow The Leader-(JD2014)
  • Walk This Way (Old School)-(JD2015)


  • This is the only king Africa song in the series.
  • All the classic mode dancers made an appareance in the mashup but with their original state (meaning then they are using it from they original songs) the only dancer to not appear is P4 of macarena

Gallery Edit




King africa - Bomba

King africa - Bomba