"Blow" By Ke$ha Is On Just Dance Spring Party.

Dancer Edit

The Dancer Is The Dancer In Tik Tok But with changes :

  • The Glove is now read
  • The Hair Is Now Black
  • The yellow part of the shirt is now Ingo
  • The Pink Part of the shirt is now black
  • The Blue Part of The Shirt Is Now Black.
  • Skin is now black

Background Edit

The Background Is The Power's Background But in green.During the Chorus And Bridge It Turns Into A Cool Dance Party With Dancers of Songs on remakes From JDN That Blows Up at the end.

Mashup Edit

This Song has a themed mashup Called "Non Remakes" meaning that only have songs WITHOUT remakes from JDN are in this Mashup beisides The Dancer From Blow.

Triva Edit

  • In Beta The Pictograms were Black
  • In Beta Blow Dancer Was A Boy
  • In The Beta The Background Is A Party That Blows Up