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Can we get an editing lock again?

The vandalizing of my page has become so bad, that people even deleted my warning and the content I put on there. So, can we just please get an editing lock, so only I can edit it?
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Can we get an edit lock on our pages?

I have made a Just Dance 2019 page on this wiki, and now there are people adding songs without my permission. There are also people who say `go ahead´ when someone asks to add something. I do not tolerate this, since I created this page, and I don´t want people vandalizing it. So can I get an editing lock so only I can edit it?
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This isn't an advertisement, I'm telling you guys that there is a brand new, better, higher quality, more active fanon wiki called the Just Dance Forever Official Wiki, join now:
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Can I Be
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Can I post my own just dance 2016

I want to post it because I worked on it since June 5 and July 8
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